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Candy Tone Spray Paint

Candy tone paints exhibit excellent luster and shine. Certain proprietary coloring agents need to be used to ensure the translucence of the finish. They create a rich, impressive sparkle that the average paint simply cannot produce.

Zinc Rich Spray Paint

These are anti-corrosive aerosol spray for hot and cold galvanized surface which create a barrier and protective layer between the substrate and corrosive agents. These are designed using resins which contain a large amount of metallic zinc flakes thus providing the anti-corrosive layer.

Heat Resistant Spray Paint

A durable, high temperature paint specially developed to bear temperatures up to 600° Celsius. It consists of a unique heat resistant pigment in a silicone polymer resin which resists cracking and flaking in high temperature. These paints are ideal for high temperature automotive engines, exhaust manifolds, chimneys, radiators and many other metals substrates that are subjected to high temperatures.

Metallic Finish Spray Paint

Metallic finish paints create a quick drying and thick layer of paint on surface. They show excellent luster, adhesion, toughness and shock resistance with anti-corrosion properties. These paints are water repellent and have resistance to fungus and abrasion. These are widely used in automobile industry to create a sparkling effect mimicking a metal surface.

Chrome Spray Paint

Chrome paint is designed to produce a chrome, mirror-like finish when applied to various surfaces. It contains thin metal flakes which perfectly mimics the reflective and shining look of chromium. The extra adhesive allows the shining surface without sanding. It's an easy substitute for expensive chrome plating.

Fluorescent Spray Paint

Fluorescent Paint contains special pigments which allow it to glow in dark. They are highly suited for Decorative works, Graffiti, Showroom Decoration & for Interior Applications. They are widely used for Railway marking and markings in defense sectors. It can be used on surfaces viz, Metal, Concrete, Wood, Plaster of Paris, Plastic, Glass & Stones.